Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, bags and sandals can be a beautiful present that you can always treasure!

Company Description

My grandmother used to say “susuro” happens and to create susuro meant something good!
‘Susurus’ a Latin word that appears with such a strong legacy!
Derived from our ancestors, it means making noise and fortify its name by gossip or comment!
A brand that its creator, Greek designer “Veneta Kokkou” has interpreted as creating fuss around success! And chooses Thessaloniki to make her “susuro”
Designs and handmade accessories that meet the eye of fashion but are also unique and occasionally exclusive!
Our operation set wings in 2012, step by step, overcoming the general economic crisis. Having the love and support of the people, the ‘susurus’ brand continued to expand and reinforce its label.
These finest items are actually a part of a dream coming true in a warm, friendly, renovated space just around the city centre!
A variety of earrings ,necklaces, bracelets, handbags, belts
and other accessories gives life to the new showroom impressing its guests!

Our people is our power!
SUSURUS a name to remember!
a dream to keep up for the years ahead!